Women's Rain Jackets

Helly Hansen Women's Rain Jackets: Tested by The Best

Head outdoors in all types of weather in our range of premium women’s rain jackets for the ultimate in waterproof comfort year-round. At Helly Hansen, we have a long history of rigorous research and development to ensure we deliver the very best in long-lasting, go-anywhere women’s raincoats with exceptional weather protection. Convenient ease-of-wear features, such as waterproof pockets, enable you to conveniently store essential items like keys, wallets, and phones so they stay dry, even during torrential downpours. You’ll find unmatched performance gear for snow, sail or play in our range of waterproof jackets for women.

The Importance of Waterproof Fabric That’s Breathable

We have constructed our raincoats to ensure women stay dry and comfortable when wearing them. Playing an essential role in achieving the desired protection is our revolutionary award-winning waterproof, windproof and breathable multi-layered HELLY TECH® material, which offers lightweight dependability in all types of weather. Our rain jackets feature the patented HELLY TECH® fabric membrane system that repels water molecules while allowing perspiration vapour to evaporate, which is important to avoid hyperthermia in freezing conditions. Other water-repellent features included in our jackets are sealed seams, lightweight waterproof zips, and front storm flaps for extra protection from wind and rain. By offering waterproof, breathable jackets with side vents to release heat if required, you stay dry from the outside and comfortable on the inside of your rain jacket. 

Rain Waterproof Ratings to Help You Find Your Ideal Design

Our women’s rain jackets are built to withstand unpredictable weather, with three specific rain waterproof ratings, ranging from Protection and Performance to Professional. Our innovative fabrics come with waterproof ratings between 5,000 and 20,000+. These measurements relate to waterproofing versus breathability, whereby, for example, 5,000mm (or 5 metres) is how deep you could fill a vessel with water before it would leak through the fabric. In theory, you could be exposed to 5,000mm of rainfall until you began to feel wet through the jacket. Breathability, for example, at 5,000g/24h/m2, refers to how many grams of water vapour could pass through one square metre of fabric within 24 hours.

  • Protection: for milder weather, such as light showers or drizzle, our lightweight women’s raincoats are suitable for most conditions with a 5,000mm waterproof rating to 5,000g/24h/m2 breathability.
  • Performance: is a more sport-specific design for rigorous outdoor pursuits in highly challenging weather conditions - rating roughly 15,000mm to 15,000g/24h/m2. 
  • Professional: built for colder temperatures, heavy rain and strong winds, for highly demanding activities in extreme conditions for much longer periods outdoors, with a rating of around 20,000mm to 20,000g/24h/m2. 

Sustainability is a Key Element in Our Helly Hansen Production Techniques

We take pride in our rain-proof clothing, which has been designed with superior-quality sustainable fabrics, made using the bluesign® textile manufacturing process to reduce waste throughout the entire clothing supply chain. Furthermore, we incorporate an environmentally friendly non-PFAS DWR (Durable Water Repellent) finish to ensure our raincoats are fully waterproof and breathable without leaking harmful chemicals into the environment. 

Insulation for Optimal Protection

Our women's rain jacket collection offers insulated, long-length hooded raincoats that provide superior rain protection. The W Crew Midlayer rain jacket, made with our trusted HELLY TECH® outer layer and boasting luxurious Polartec® insulated fleece lining, will keep you warm and cosy on a cold, windy day.

Specifically designed for endurance, our various women’s waterproof jackets come with a selection of adjustable cuffs, chinguards, hoods, flexible waists, and tail drops to customise the fit for further water protection in all conditions. From wet weather in the city or downpours in the great outdoors, our jackets are designed to offer the utmost comfort and protection. Relying on our advanced custom-designed Helly Hansen materials, including 100% Ocean Bound recycled materials to help reduce plastic pollution and thoughtful design features, you can face wet weather while still enjoying your outdoor activities.

Conquer the Elements with Innovation: Embrace Helly Hansen Women's Rain Jackets Today

Our collection of women’s jackets offers many styles and designs, depending on your needs for warmth, water protection or both. Our long coats and hip-length jackets strike the ideal balance between style and protection, making our rain jackets a preferred choice for outdoor enthusiasts. 

Our entire women’s collection is purpose-designed for action, enjoyment and enduring quality. Our unwavering commitment to excellence, innovation, and the best customer service has positioned us as the foremost choice for outdoor enthusiasts and professional sportspeople across the globe. Join more than 55,000 pro sailors, mountain guides, ski patrollers, instructors and mountain safety personnel around the world by choosing our Helly Hansen clothing for the ultimate weather protection.