Women's Sailing Gear

Elevate Your Sailing Experience with High-Performance Women's Sailing Clothing from Helly Hansen

All sailors know, navigating unpredictable waters demands the right gear capable of meeting  a unique set of challenges. For women who are passionate about sailing, Helly Hansen presents a collection of women's sailing clothes that ensure maximum protection from the elements.

Discover Helly Hansen's Women's Sailing Range

Helly Hansen's women's sailing clothes range has been designed with input from professional sailors. These women demand high-performance clothing that can withstand the rigours of the ocean and seaways. From insulator jackets to sailing and watersports footwear, each item in this collection is equipped with advanced technologies designed to offer maximum protection on the open water.

Women’s Sailing Clothing in Australia: The Helly Hansen Mark of Excellence

 Over the past 140 years Helly Hansen have received many excellence awards for garment design, pioneering textiles and outstanding performance. Our unwavering commitment lies in creating high-quality, innovative sailing gear to ensure the security and comfort of the wearers. 

Throughout the years, we have diligently expanded our product line, catering not only to traditional mariners but also to modern-day sailors, outdoor enthusiasts, athletes, and weekend skippers, all while staying true to our origins. Our range of women's sailing gear applies our high attention to detail, ensuring durability either in the face of challenging conditions or light, breezy comfort on social sails with your weekend crew. 

Set Sail with Confidence and Purpose-Designed Helly Hansen Attire

Sailing requires specialist water and windproof clothing for an enjoyable experience, and Helly Hansen's women's sailing clothing in Australia provides just that. Our signature Helly Tech® fabric offers excellent waterproofing, windproofing, and breathability, ensuring maximum comfort and protection while navigating the waters. Whether you're a seasoned seafarer or a novice, having the proper sailing gear will make all the difference.

Protection from the Elements

Sailing exposes you to harsh sea conditions, such as unpredictable weather, strong winds, saltwater spray, and cold temperatures, while our women’s clothing shields you from the elements. Spending extended periods on board will require protection from potential health hazards like hypothermia and sunburn. 

Safety and Thermal Regulation

Our weather-proof sailing gear comes with safety features, including lights and reflectors. Our sailing clothing provides flexibility with strategically placed reinforcements to protect against wear and tear. Additionally, our Helly Tech® Protection fabric system regulates body temperature, minimising heat loss, while allowing moisture to escape in warmer climates, ensuring you stay dry and comfortable.

Durability and Longevity

Frequent sea voyages demand reliable and sturdy women's sailing clothing capable of withstanding constant exposure to saltwater, UV rays, heavy winds, and other environmental factors. Some of our sailing jackets use recycled PrimaLoft® insulation, providing warmth and durability without sacrificing sustainability. The Helly Tech® Protection fabric system ensures our sailing clothes are waterproof, wind-resistant, and breathable, offering maximum protection and longevity to keep you comfortable on deck for seasons to come.

Rule the Waves with Helly Hansen's Sailing Clothing Australia

At Helly Hansen, we understand the unique needs of sailors and  ocean enthusiasts. Our extensive range of women's sailing wear combines form and function and durability, to ensure your safety and comfort while on board.

Choose Helly Hansen today to acquire the best women's sailing clothing in Australia. Take advantage of  free shipping on all orders over $250. We offer flexible and secure payment options, along with unparallelled customer service, ensuring you get the utmost value for money and a seamless online shopping experience. 

Elevate your sailing experience today and be prepared for anything the ocean throws your way with Helly Hansen's first-rate women's sailing apparel.