Men's Sun Protection Clothing

Helly Hansen: Top Sun Protection in Australia

Enjoy endless sunny adventures in our range of premium sunshirts for men. With an emphasis on quality materials and innovative design features, our line of men's sun protection shirts offers your best defence from harmful UV rays without compromising comfort. Whether it's T-shirts or polos for everyday comfort, long sleeves for extended coverage, or caps for added protection, at Helly Hansen, you'll find a comprehensive range of UPF 50 (ultraviolet protection factor) clothing.

Advanced Technology in our Helly Hansen Men's Sun Shirts

Our men's sun shirts integrate innovative materials and technology, like LIFA® and Tactel®, ensuring superior moisture-wicking capabilities, sun protection, and comfort. The unique blend of materials not only protects from harmful UV rays but also enhances breathability, allowing for optimal thermal regulation. The technology actively draws moisture away from the skin, promoting rapid evaporation to help maintain a cooler body temperature.

In addition, our men's sun protection shirts are made from 60% recycled polyester, emphasising our commitment to environmentally conscious design. By using reused materials, we at Helly Hansen prioritise your comfort and protection and strive to contribute to a greener environment.

Men's Short-Sleeve Sun Shirts: Polos and T-Shirts

Our collection of men's short-sleeve sun shirts blends UV protection and comfort. Our men’s SPF clothing range is crafted with UPF-treated Tactel® fabric, providing an excellent shield against skin-damaging UV rays. 

The moisture-wicking properties ensure you stay cool, and the stretch fabric provides freedom of movement. Whether out on the water, bushwalking, or unwinding in the city, lightweight and durable Tactel® fabric stands out for its exceptional softness and quick-drying nature. 

Men's Long-Sleeve Sun Protection Shirts: Hoodies and Longsleeves

Equipped with UPF 50+ sun protection and crafted from lightweight, moisture-wicking LIFA® Active fabric, our men's sun protection hoodies and long-sleeve shirts offer limitless outdoor adventures while keeping you dry and shielded from harmful UV rays. LIFA® Active also offers superior breathability and assists in temperature regulation, making Helly Hansen sun shirts an ideal choice for the Australian sun.

Sun-Protective Headwear: HH Caps

Featuring the iconic HH® logo on the front, our branded caps shield your face and head against the sun's rays. The back adjustment feature ensures a customisable fit, offering comfort and convenience. Designed to be unisex and available in one size that fits all, these caps are a versatile choice for anyone seeking sun protection with a touch of our iconic Helly Hansen style.

Enhance Your Wardrobe With Our Sun Protection Collection

Helly Hansen's men’s clothing collection combines advanced materials, functional design, and innovative techniques to provide reliable sun protection without compromising quality or comfort. Whether engaging in outdoor sports or leisure activities or simply enjoying a day in the sun, our men's sun shirts, hoodies, and caps are tailored to keep you protected and comfortable throughout the day. Invest in our sun-protective clothing and stay sun-safe outdoors.