Women's Sun Protection Clothing

Women's Sun Protection Clothing

The Ultimate in Australian Sun Protection WithHelly Hansen Women’s Sun Shirts

Enjoy long sunny days with our women's Solen sun protection range that helps you enjoy the outdoors safely protected from damaging UV rays. Our range includes tank-top sun shirts for women, women's long-sleeved sun protection shirts, caps, and women's short-sleeved sun protection shirts. This collection prioritises UPF (ultraviolet protection factor) coverage without compromising quality.

Customised Sun Protection for Every Adventure

Our women’s sun protection range is designed for the harsh Australian sun. Whether you want easy-wear singlet,short-sleeved sun shirts, or the added protection of long sleeves, we have you covered. Our short-sleeved sun shirts feature innovative fabric technology that provides effective UV protection while keeping you comfortable, even on warmer days.

Quality Meets Adventure in our Helly Hansen Sun Shirts for Women

We offer a comprehensive range with our women's pun protection collection. Crafted from hard-wearing materials and designed for resilience, our sun shirts for women are tailored to endure the challenges of an active outdoor lifestyle. Our fabric strength is complemented by lightweight, breathable features, with LIFA® Active fabric offering comfortable, sweat-wicking protection from the sun’s damaging rays. Enhanced by a substantial 50+ UPF rating, our sun protection clothing for women offers a barrier against the harmful effects of UV so that you can enjoy the great outdoors even on the hottest summer days in the sizzling Australian heat. 

Embrace Practicality and Sustainability in Our Sun Protection Clothin

Our women's sun protection range blends practical design with sun defence, making it a versatile choice for your active lifestyle. Whether enjoying leisurely time outdoors in the sunshine or embarking on a multi-day hike, our range of women’s sun protection shirts offers long-lasting durability and strength. Our unwavering commitment to sustainability further guarantees you're choosing functional clothing while supporting our eco-conscious practices, creating a positive experience for yourself and the environment. Our entire women’s clothing collection offers high-tech and sustainable fabrics using recycled materials.

Our women’s Solen collection combines the LIFA® technology with a planet-friendly S.Café® process that infuses fabric with used coffee grounds to deliver UPF 50+ sun protection without the use of chemicals, creating quick-dry odour-resistant properties for our sun tops.

Prioritise Your UPF Well-being

Investing in Helly Hansen women's Solen sun protection ensures sun safety, comfort, and a flexible fit for active days outside. From long sleeves and tanks to T-shirts and polos, our women’s sun shirt collection offers effective sun protection in easy-fit designs.

Our women's sun protection range stands out as the ideal blend of practicality and reliability. Shop our women’s Solen sun protection range so you can enjoy sunny days knowing you’re safe from harmful UV rays.