Men's Footwear

Step Into Adventure with Helly Hansen Men's Outdoor Footwear

High-quality men's outdoor footwear is essential for an active lifestyle. Helly Hansen men’s outdoor shoes and boots offer exceptional style, comfort, and protection to meet your needs on every adventure. Whether you’re into hiking, trail running, sailing, or simply need a great pair of shoes, our men's outdoor footwear range delivers even in the most challenging environments. 

Conquer Nature's Challenges with Quality Men's Outdoor Footwear

With meticulous attention to comfort, durability, and functionality, our men's outdoor footwear selection presents an array of choices to suit all types of outdoor activities. From sturdy hiking boots, waterproof slip-proof sailing shoes, agile trail running shoes, and robust winter boots, we have what you need to enjoy your sporting pursuits supported by comfortable, high-quality footwear. 

Every pair is designed to uphold the strictest standards, ensuring you can confidently explore the great outdoors in premium high-performance gear.

Great Options for Adventurous Explorers: Discover Our Helly Hansen's Men's Outdoor Footwear Selection

For hikers, campers, and other outdoor enthusiasts, the importance of strong, waterproof men's outdoor shoes is key. At Helly Hansen, we employ advanced technologies, such as HELLY TECH® Performance and Helly Grip™, to ensure our shoes provide optimum protection against ever-changing weather conditions. With our boots and shoes crafted from waterproof yet breathable materials, hard-wearing textiles, and rubber outsoles offering excellent traction and grip, we leave no room for compromise when it comes to supporting you in your outdoor activities.

Men's Outdoor Boots for Winter Adventures

Precision in construction is a hallmark of our men's outdoor winter boots. Every pair is thoughtfully designed to provide the support, protection, and cushioning you need to tackle winter adventures with ease and confidence. Our lightweight, fully waterproof, and supportive men's outdoor footwear offers impressive features to enhance your experience:

  • HH® Pro Guardcover - Exposed areas like the toe and heel cap are layered with a hard-wearing material to protect your feet, guaranteeing durability and stability on challenging terrains.
  • PrimaLoft® Eco insulation - This sustainable synthetic insulation will keep you warm and comfy even in extreme cold. 
  • Insulated lining - For more protection and a luxurious feel, our men's outdoor boots feature a warm faux fur lining.
  • Premium waterproof leather - Our men's snow footwear, made from waterproof nubuck leather, is guaranteed to keep your feet dry and protected from rain, mud and snow.
  • HH® Max-Grip and Surround-Grip technology - To ensure stability and exceptional grip on any terrain, we designed the outsole with a special rubber compound and lugs that deliver 360-degree traction on wet and icy surfaces.

Men's Waterproof Shoes for Inshore and Offshore Trips

Helly Hansen’s commitment to excellence shines in the durability and versatility of our men's sailing shoes range. From removable EVA midsoles with quick-drying properties to cushioned insoles that maximise comfort and reinforced toe caps for extra protection, our innovative, slip-proof footwear designs set new standards in men’s outdoor footwear.

 Our lightweight aqua trainers provide the necessary purpose-designed sailing features, including comfort, high-grip stability, and water resistance. Made with HH® Quick Dry material to protect your feet against the elements.

The insole, midsole and outsole are engineered to provide natural flexing for maximum comfort and performance, while HH® Hydro-Grip technology, specifically tailored for boat decks, ensures superior grip on wet surfaces.

Men's Outdoor Boots for Trail Explorers

Regardless of the terrain or climate, our men's outdoor boots and trail shoes are built to withstand the weather. Our technical hiking boots, made with HELLY TECH® Waterproof material and HH® Seam-Shield technology, offer optimal support and protection, keeping your feet warm and dry even in pouring rain. Adding the HH® Max-Vent system allows for superior breathability, enabling normal air circulation, offering great temperature regulation, and effectively preventing odour while protecting against the elements. Our men’s hiking boots also feature built-in arch support that ensures exceptional comfort and helps alleviate foot pain and prevent injuries. Furthermore, the use of a patented rubber outsole provides a secure grip and solid traction in wet and cold conditions.

Achieve More with Helly Hansen's Men's Outdoor Footwear: The Adventure Awaits!

Our impeccable menswear collection suits all manner of pursuits, both indoors and outdoors, social and sporting. With our experience in outdoor and protective wear and industry-leading high-tech designs and materials, our men's outdoor footwear range stands out as a trusted choice for pro sportsmen and adventurers alike. 

Whatever your interests when you’re out in nature, we have the perfect outdoor boots and shoes for you. From trail running shoes and quick-drying trainers to thermal-insulated boots for the snow, you’ll find traction, warmth and weather-proofing.

Embrace the quality and reliability of our men’s outdoor boots and shoes, and unlock the potential of your adventurous lifestyle.