Women’s Outdoor & Hiking Clothing

Women’s Outdoor & Hiking Clothing

Helly Hansen Hiking Clothes for Women: Your Trusted Companions in the Hinterland

For a comfortable, enjoyable hike, choose the right gear for all conditions, from challenging to easy. At Helly Hansen, we offer a comprehensive range of women's hiking clothing, catering to cold and warm weather conditions. With a focus on high-quality materials, durability, function, and innovation, every detail is designed to enhance your outdoor experience. Explore our collection of hiking clothes for women and find reliable gear for your outdoor adventures.

The Advantage of Premium Hiking Clothing for Women

Our women's hiking clothing collection is crafted from cutting-edge materials, prioritising durability, breathability, and weather resistance. Every piece is designed to deliver professional-level performance, from versatile jackets and vests to specialised footwear and accessories. Our women's outdoor apparel keeps you dry and comfortable despite the weather due to the many innovative features:

  • Helly Tech® fabric: At the core of our women's hiking clothing is the HELLY TECH® technology, a waterproof and breathable membrane in three variations of waterproofing. From Protection and Performance to Protection, the HELLY TECH® membrane delivers three levels of waterproofing and breathability, from standard to extreme. This layered fabric system ensures you stay dry in challenging weather conditions while allowing excess heat and moisture to escape, preventing overheating during intense activities, which can be perilous in icy conditions.
  • H2Flow™ technology: Exclusive to Helly Hansen, our cutting-edge H2Flow™ technology optimises insulation and ventilation, adapting to your body's needs. This dynamic system regulates temperature, keeping you comfortable in various conditions. In our women's outdoor jackets, H2Flow™ delivers a personalised climate control solution for your hiking adventures.
  • Lifa® material: Many of our long-sleeve tops, T-shirts, and pants in our women's hiking collection incorporate Lifa® technology, a revolutionary moisture-wicking fabric that moves sweat away from the body. This technology accelerates evaporation, keeping you dry and comfortable even in high temperatures.
  • PrimaLoft® insulation: Our insulated jackets, vests, and snow pants harness the power of PrimaLoft® insulation, delivering lightweight warmth even in wet conditions. This technology ensures you stay warm, dry, and comfy in ice-cold climates.

Women's Hiking Clothes for All Weather

Our design philosophy at Helly Hansen focuses on the distinctive demands of outdoor activities, and each piece of clothing is meticulously crafted to meet these needs. Whether you’re hiking frigid peaks or sun-drenched rainforest trails, each garment is a testament to our commitment to excellence.

Cold Weather Essentials: Insulated Hiking Clothes for Women

Our women's winter hiking clothing excels in versatility and protection: 

  • Jackets: Choose a fleece jacket with Polartec® fabric for warmth and breathability in cold weather. Add a mid-layer jacket featuring H2Flow™ technology, which regulates body temperature by releasing excess heat, creating a comfortable microclimate. For waterproof and windproof protection, opt for our softshell jackets, crafted with signature HELLY TECH® technology to guarantee a dry and comfortable trail experience. For exceptional warmth without bulk in freezing cold temperatures, choose the insulated down jacket that employs Allied® Down to prevent hypothermia.
  • Pants: Our selection of cold-weather pants is designed for durability and flexibility. Our women's hiking clothes use a combination of durable PFC-free water-repellency treatments and stretchy materials, allowing unrestricted movement while keeping you dry in variable conditions.
  • Vests: Ideal for layering, our women's hiking vests provide an extra level of warmth without sacrificing mobility. Constructed with lightweight, planet-friendly materials and premium PrimaLoft® insulation, these garments are perfect for adapting to changing temperatures during your outdoor pursuits.
  • Base layer: Our women's hiking base clothing incorporates Lifa® technology, a moisture-wicking fabric that efficiently moves sweat away from the body. This quick-drying material keeps you dry and comfortable, even during high-intensity activities, making it an essential component of your cold-weather hiking ensemble.

Summer Hike Essentials: Sun-Protective Women's Hiking Clothes

Our warm weather lineup includes women's hiking T-shirts, shorts, and tanks designed with quick-dry materials. Featuring planet-friendly S.Café® and our performance Lifa® Active fibres, these garments combine breathability, durability, and excellent moisture-wicking properties. With a fitted design and UPF 50+ sun protection, our women's summer hiking clothing provides the freedom to move comfortably while keeping you cool under the scorching Australian sun.

Ground-Breaking Footwear for Any Adventure

No outdoor outfit is complete without the right footwear, and our women's hiking and trail shoes are designed to keep you moving on any terrain. Engineered with HELLY TECH® Performance membrane, they offer waterproof protection and breathability. The HellyGrip™ outsole technology provides superior traction, while the supportive midsole ensures comfort during long treks. The combination of HH Tough Wear® and Pro Guard® technology reinforces high-wear areas, enhancing the longevity of the footwear.

Achieving Excellence with Women's Hiking Clothing from Helly Hansen

With an unwavering commitment to innovative features and sustainable practices, each garment and pair of shoes and boots in our women's hiking clothes collection is a purposeful investment in performance and comfort. Whether facing winter's chill or navigating summer trails, our ladies' collection ensures excellence at every step. Elevate your outdoor experience by choosing Helly Hansen, where quality meets functionality, and explore nature in the best hiking apparel to withstand the elements.