Women's Fleece

Embrace the Outdoors with Confidence and Purpose

Helly Hansen’s women’s fleece jackets have been meticulously crafted to push performance and functionality, while combining countless cutting-edge features for exceptional style and wearability. With a proven commitment of empowering active women, our innovative designs, unmatched warmth, and unwavering durability deliver the most accomplished companion yet to redefine your outdoor experiences from average to incredible.

Features of our Women’s Fleece Jacket

Helping you achieve your action-packed goals, Helly Hansen women’s fleece jacket showcases an impressive array of features that have helped position the item as the ultimate in dependable women’s outdoor apparel. Skilfully fashioned with premium award-winning materials and meticulous craftsmanship, this jacket transforms into a must-have companion that seamlessly complements a multitude of outdoor endeavours, from urban to rugged and beyond. 

See for yourself why this jacket stands out as a premium high-performance product:

  • Style and Comfort: While Helly Hansen’s historic origins are more ‘quest’ than ‘catwalk’, the innate sophistication and streamlined elements of our clothing collections have positioned us alongside urban-wear contenders in the style stakes. With an uncompromising approach to comfort and good looks, our fleece jackets for women in Australia prioritise convenience, ensuring you can move freely while remaining snug during all your outdoor pursuits, from park runs to picnics or putting out to sea. The smart, practical designs reflect the brand's commitment to quality and longevity.
  • Durability and Performance: With a long history of hyper-performance products built to withstand the rigours of both commonplace and extreme outdoor adventures, fleece jackets for women are designed for endurance. This jacket will stand the test of rugged hiking trails or remote camping trips, with all-weather warmth and comfort, season after season.
  • Weather Resistance: The women’s fleece jacket provides a certain level of weather resistance, keeping you comfortable in unpredictable conditions, and makes the perfect midlayer. While not a substitute for specialised weatherproof gear, its ability to handle light moisture and winds adds to its versatility. Technically engineered for flexibility, our high-tech fleece helps you stay active when you want to, despite the conditions outside. 

Form and Function United: Engineering Purpose into Design

Helly Hansen wants your women’s wear to take you from play to performance in comfort and confidence. Boasting meticulous design and a longstanding consideration of what it means to enjoy an active lifestyle, a women’s fleece jacket is a style staple that transcends the latest trends. From strategically placed pockets to ergonomic zippers, every feature is thoughtfully engineered to cater to energetic individuals who love braving the elements.

  • Versatility in Layering: A standout quality of the women’s fleece jacket is its flexibility when layering. If you’re after an extra layer of warmth under a shell or you want to feature your fleece on a brisk day, this jacket effortlessly meets your needs.
  • Ideal for Outdoor Adventures: Made with the great outdoors in mind, the women’s fleece jacket can accompany you to many unpredictable locations. Tailored for practicality and performance, this jacket will take you through light showers, wind and colder temps, regardless of whether your destination includes nature-bound adventures or urban pursuits.
  • Materials: Helly Hansen prioritises sustainable practices, including recycled eco-materials, cutting-edge elements and style features to ensure longevity in your wardrobe. Helly Hansen only uses durable materials as our ongoing commitment to waste reduction within our production guidelines.

Extending the Lifespan of Your Women’s Fleece Jacket

Maintain your investment with the ultimate care protocols. While fleece jackets are inherently built for durability, adhering to the prescribed care instructions is key for longevity. Embracing practices such as gentle machine washing and avoiding undue heat exposure will not only preserve performance but also serve to considerably extend the lifespan of the piece. Your jacket, your journey – cared for, cherished, and equipped for countless adventures.

Elevate Your Outdoor Experience

Helly Hansen’s fleece jacket combines the ultimate in practicality, durability, and comfort for active women who won’t compromise on their outdoor lifestyles. Helly Hansen’s products have been ingeniously engineered to help you thrive in the outdoors. If you’re looking to embrace nature’s raw beauty in the wild, the wet or the wonderful, let Helly Hansen guide the way.