Men's Snow Jackets to Conquer the Depths of Winter

When facing minus temperatures and potential blizzard conditions, you need high-quality snow jackets for your winter adventures. Whether you’re into skiing, snowboarding, sledding, or backcountry hiking, the right snow jacket can make the difference between high-performance comfort or feeling exposed to the elements. Our collection of men's snow jackets combines comfort, flexibility for movement and protection, allowing you to embrace the great outdoors during the snow season in confidence.

How to Choose Your Helly Hansen Men's Snow Jacket

Our snow jackets for men don’t just keep you warm, they’re high-performance pieces you’ll be wearing for many years to come. At Helly Hansen, we, along with more than 55,000 professional sportspeople, teams, and sail and ski staff around the world, are constantly developing and testing purpose-designed garments in some of the world’s harshest environments, so you, our customers in Australia, receive the very best of our men’s snow jackets. Innovative LIFA Infinity Pro™, HELLY TECH®, LIFA®, H2Flow™, and LIFALOFT™ technologies in our jacket designs ensure you’re wearing some of the best protection on the market. When facing freezing temperatures, men’s snow jackets must be windproof, waterproof, and breathable while providing excellent insulation. 

Our Helly Hansen Men's Snow Jackets Offer Revolutionary Protection

Meticulously designed to face extreme winter environments, our men’s jackets use a range of patented Helly Hansen fabrics and materials that were developed for ultimate protection and comfort, from black runs to backcountry trails. The core of a quality snow jacket relies on its insulation, whereby air is trapped to effectively create an insulating shield that preserves body heat. Our Helly Hansen's premium-quality men's snow jackets feature an innovative insulated multi-layer membrane fabric system that offers optimal performance even in sub-zero conditions. Breathability is key, whereby you don’t want to overheat, as this can eventually cause hypothermia. Our men’s snow jackets are all made with high-tech, responsibly sourced, sustainable materials and offer decades-long durability.

Stay Warm and Dry in Your Helly Hansen Ski Jacket

Apart from insulation, waterproofing is another vital element, as the outer shell creates an impenetrable barrier against external moisture and shields against icy winds. Our Helly Hansen snow jackets come in Protection, Performance, and Professional waterproof ratings depending on your choice of activity, with rain protection ratings between 5,000mm and 20,000mm, which is reliant on how much rain would have to fall before you start to feel wet. Our men's snow jackets are designed for many winter activities and include completely waterproof phone pockets to keep your essentials safe and protected. Dual front zippers allow easy access without removing gloves, adjustable hem lengths improve freedom of movement, and specially crafted hoods help protect against snowstorms. 

Embrace the Winter Elements with Our Helly Hansen Men's Snow Jackets

As you gear up for your alpine adventures, selecting the right men's snow jacket is crucial. Our Helly Hansen snow jackets offer our unique HELLY TECH® material to increase the breathability of your clothing so your body stays regulated even in extreme winter sports. Discover our comprehensive range of premium men's snow jackets, meticulously crafted to cater to all your outdoor requirements, whether you enjoy snow sports, backcountry hiking, and more. Our unwavering commitment to customer feedback from some of the world’s leading sportspeople, ski teams, snow patrollers and instructors has allowed us to incorporate into our designs your essential requirements as we relentlessly strive for exceptional, high-performing apparel. Shop our Helly Hansen men’s snow jackets to ensure you stay warm and comfortable no matter the weather.

Men’s Snow Jackets FAQs

1. Which snow jacket is optimal for icy conditions?

The choice of the best snow jacket depends on your unique needs and winter activities. In locations where temperatures plummet below freezing, prioritise a men’s puffy jacket offering ample insulation. For skiing and snowboarding enthusiasts, opt for a waterproof fabric like HELLY TECH®, which is also breathable, ensuring dryness and insulation against chilly winds. 

2. What makes an exceptional men's winter jacket?

The finest winter jackets for men are crafted from robust materials, offering superior warmth while safeguarding you against the elements. To find your ideal winter jacket for outdoor adventures, keep these tips in mind:

  • Consider the Climate: In regions dominated by year-round cold conditions, opt for a heavy-duty winter coat specifically designed to endure harsh weather conditions. For temperate areas, a lighter-weight jacket might suffice. Much of our ski wear has been tried and tested by the Swedish Alpine Ski team. Their feedback has contributed to our commitment to continuing to deliver a range of men’s jackets boasting enormous warmth in lightweight designs, which are ideal for all-terrain conditions.
  • Waterproof and Insulating Material: Prioritise a waterproof material, particularly if rain is frequent during colder months. An insulating material, such as Primaloft® or Lifaloft™ (a fusion of Primaloft® and Lifa®), provides added warmth without compromising the jacket's sleek design with excessive bulk.
  • Features that Matter: Look for elements such as powder skirts, hand-warming pockets, adjustable hoods or collars that snugly fit around your neck and head during inclement weather. If possible, select a jacket with pit zips to regulate body temperature during strenuous activities like hiking or skiing, especially in colder conditions.

3. What sets a ski jacket apart from a down jacket?

Although ski jackets and winter jackets share common materials, their structures differ as they cater 

to different activities. The primary distinction between a ski jacket and a down jacket lies in functionality. A ski jacket's purpose is to keep you warm and dry in freezing temperatures, while a down jacket specialises in retaining body heat and may offer lower water resistance. Although both types serve similar goals, they possess individual characteristics. Ski jackets are typically bulkier, prioritise enhanced insulation, and have a more protective shell that can withstand icy, wet conditions.