Men's Puffer Jackets

Men's Puffer Jackets

Achieve Ultimate Warmth in Helly Hansen's Puffer Jackets for Men

Our range of puffer jackets for men ensures you stay comfortable in the coldest weather. At Helly Hansen, we understand the importance of insulation. We use a combination of ethically sourced goose and duck down along with synthetic and recycled materials in our jackets for the ultimate in cold-weather protection. This intelligent blend ensures optimal warmth even in wet conditions. Each jacket in our online clothing collection offers exclusive design features along with a timeless style that caters to many personal preferences and situations. Whether you prefer cosy fleece or waterproof weather protection for outdoor sports, we have the perfect men’s puffy jacket for you.

Embrace the Elements with Helly Hansen Insulated Jackets

When braving the cold, there's no better ally than Helly Hansen men’s insulated jackets. Our collection of premium insulated jackets for men is designed to help you embrace the elements with unrivalled comfort and style. From tackling icy slopes to venturing into damp bushland, our jackets are expertly engineered to provide protection and functionality, ensuring you stay warm, dry, and equipped for any adventure. Puffy jackets come with a range of design features for the ultimate convenience when you’re outdoors.

Water Resistance - Be Prepared for Any Adventure

Be prepared for any adventure with our men’s puffy jackets. Equipped with an innovative, multi-layer protection system, you’ll enjoy superior protection from the weather. When winter arrives, our puffy jackets for men go the extra distance. Featuring waterproof outer materials to shield you from rain and snow.

Unmatched Insulation with Lifaloft™ Technology

Comfort and warmth are paramount during outdoor activities during the colder months, making our exclusive Lifaloft™ insulation technology a standout. By incorporating Lifa® yarn, we've achieved a lightweight yet supremely insulating jacket, providing warmth without adding unnecessary bulk. As part of our commitment to sustainability, our Lifaloft™ insulation is Bluesign®-approved and free from PFCs, making it eco-friendly with production processes that are safe for the environment. Whether you’re planning a trip to colder climates or want a layering piece for next snow season, our insulated puffy jackets help you embrace the chill with ease.

Experience Unparalleled Warmth With Helly Hansen Insulated Jackets

We are your go-to for men's insulated jackets, offering a wide range of puffy and lighter insulated options, meeting every adventurer's needs. From the warmth of Lifaloft™ insulation to advanced waterproofing, Helly Hansen puffy jackets for men provide the ultimate in lightweight comfort and come highly reviewed by our customers. 

Rigorously tested in some of the world’s toughest conditions, our men’s insulated jackets blend performance and environmental responsibility. 

Stay and feel alive in our Helly Hansen men’s puffy jackets.

Men’s Puffer & Insulated Jackets FAQ

1. What are some other names for puffy jackets?

Puffy jackets are also commonly known as puffer jackets or parkas due to their distinctive air-pocket fabric design, well-known for their insulation properties. The design, featuring puffy air pockets between the stitching, plays a vital role in trapping heat and providing comfort in cold weather conditions. These jackets are filled with either sustainably sourced goose or duck-down insulation or recycled synthetic fibres, both of which offer excellent warmth.

2. Are puffer jackets still in style?

Puffer jackets have enjoyed enduring style due to their extreme warmth and comfort in all climates. Helly Hansen men’s puffer jackets can last decades if well looked after and have outlasted countless fashion trends. Available in a variety of designs, sizes, and colours, including reversible prints and hood trims, these jackets cater to diverse tastes, ensuring there's an ideal fit for everyone.

3. Do puffer jackets lose their shape?

If you follow our care instructionsand keep the jacket stored properly, it should maintain its appearance over time. The puffiness results from the insulation, so if you’re careful with the layers of fabric and insulation, your jacket will last a long time. Down jackets can be washed on a gentle cycle in lukewarm water. Remembering the garment will weigh more when wet, ensure you scoop the jacket out of the machine rather than pull it. Do not shake or twist puffy jackets; press out any excess water. When machine-drying, add a few dryer balls (or tennis balls) to allow the puffy silhouette to spring back into shape and set a longer tumble dry on medium rather than hot heat.

4. What sizes are offered for men's insulated jackets?

At Helly Hansen, we have ensured our collection of men's insulated jackets caters to a diverse range of preferences. Our sizes vary from small to 2XL, providing options to suit many individual needs. With our commitment to ensuring maximum comfort and unhindered flexibility and movement in stretch fabrics, you can find the perfect fit for your outdoor endeavours. Check out our comprehensive size chart to find the best fit to complement your active lifestyle.