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January 26, 2024 | Helly Hansen



Whether you are a regular beachgoer or a casual visitor, it is reassuring to know that the professionals watching over the shores are reliable. In Australia, where beach culture is integral to life, lifeguards ensure everyone's safety.

Helly Hansen has built a strong reputation for producing high-quality, durable clothing trusted by professionals who face unpredictable weather conditions. Today, more than 55,000 professionals rely on Helly Hansen, such as skiers, sailors, ski patrollers, mountain guides, and rescue services.

Lifeguards face unique challenges in Australia due to the vast and varied coastline. One such lifeguard who understands the importance of reliable gear is Andrew Lindop.



Andrew Lindop is a professional lifeguard who has dedicated his life to keeping people safe on the beach. He started his career as a lifeguard at the young age of 17, right after finishing school. Growing up on Sydney's northern beaches, he spent his entire life surfing and around the ocean. He has always loved being out in the water, and he wanted to have a positive impact on the beaches.

“I first got to the lifeguarding when I just finished school at 17. Fortunately, I grew up on the northern beaches of Sydney. I spent my entire life surfing and around the ocean. I've loved being out in the water. I love the ocean, so I wanted to have a positive impact on the beaches.”

As the lifeguard season kicks off, Andrew and his team brace themselves for whatever Mother Nature has in store. They know that anything can happen at any moment, and they must be ready for it. Whether it is bright and sunny or stormy and windy, they're always on high alert, ensuring that everyone stays safe.

“Weather-wise, we get into everything throughout the lifeguard season. At the start of the season, towards the back end of winter, we've got big subtly swells, torrential rain, and cold winds. And as it leads into summer, we get the Nor 'east winds with the 40-degree days and packed beaches, large amounts of crowds and tourists. Towards the end of the season, we start to get the big Northeast cyclone swells coming down from Queensland. And that's when we tend to get a lot of surfer rescues and boats getting in trouble. Regardless of what the conditions are outside, we’ve got to go if something happens. And quite often, the days that are the most dangerous are the wet, windy, and horrible days’’


Andrew has had his fair share of challenges himself, as he had a near-death experience when he was young:

‘’When I was 15, I had a bit of a run with a marine creature. I was surfing pretty early in the morning at about six o'clock with my dad. I was just sitting on my board when a grey white just came up underneath me and grabbed hold of my left leg. It threw me into the air and off my board. Pretty near-death experience at the time. My dad luckily knew a bit of first aid and he used a tourniquet to wrap around my upper leg which managed to stem a lot of the blood flow. I think the idea of getting back in was pretty daunting at first but then as soon as I actually did go back into the water, I just forget it all”

Luckily, his father, a lifeguard himself, knew first aid and used a tourniquet to wrap around his son's upper leg, which managed to stop a lot of the bleeding.

As a professional lifeguard, Andrew knows that having the best gear and the highest quality is essential. They need to be able to go out in any situation and see that they do not have to worry about anything happening. The public trusts them to keep them safe when they are down the beach, and they must put their trust in the gear they use to ensure they can all do their jobs to the highest standards.

“It's imperative that we have the best gear and the highest quality, and we absolutely need to be able to trust our gear so we can go out in any situation and know that we don’t have to worry about anything happening. The public put their trust in the lifeguards to keep them safe when they’re down at the beach, and the lifeguards have to put their trust in the gear that they use to make sure that we can do our jobs to the highest standards”

By putting their trust in the gear, they use, lifeguards can perform their duties to the best of their abilities and keep the public safe. This serves as a reminder that trust in oneself and one's tools can make all the difference in achieving success and making a real difference.



The Helly Hansen Pier 3.0 Jacket is a crucial gear for lifeguards like Andrew. It offers high performance and is designed to meet the demands of professional water rescue teams. The jacket provides waterproof and windproof protection without compromising its breathability. The Pier 3.0 Jacket is more than just clothing; it is a lifeguard's shield against the elements. Made with Helly Tech® Performance fabric, it ensures complete waterproof and windproof protection while maintaining optimal breathability.

Trust is a two-way street when it comes to ocean safety. Beachgoers need to trust that lifeguards are equipped to handle any situation, and lifeguards need to trust that their gear will not let them down. Our reputation for delivering top-notch products fosters this trust, ensuring that lifeguards like Andrew Lindop can confidently focus on their critical role.

Our commitment to inspiring and motivating individuals goes beyond providing exceptional gear. By offering unique and high-quality products, the brand encourages individuals to embrace life's adventures.


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