Decoding Helly Tech® Rainwear


Decoding Helly Tech® Rainwear

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Decoding Helly Tech® Rainwear

March 16, 2024 | Helly Hansen



As outdoor enthusiasts, we all know the importance of staying dry and comfortable during our adventures. Whether we're hiking through the rainforest, skiing down snowy slopes, or sailing across choppy waters, having reliable rainwear is essential for enjoying the great outdoors.  

But with so many waterproofing technologies on the market, it can be challenging to decipher which ones offer the best protection and performance. In this blog, we're diving into the world of Helly Tech® – a leading waterproofing technology developed by Helly Hansen.  

From its innovative design to its practical applications, we'll help you make informed decisions when choosing your next outdoor gear.


Women hiking by a waterfall wearing rain jackets and backpacks with their hoods up.
Up close of a women wearing a red rain jacket and backpack, with rain drops rolling off her jacket.

So, what is Helly Tech®? 

Helly Tech® is a proprietary waterproofing technology developed in the 1980’s by Helly Hansen.  

Helly Tech® utilises a laminate membrane that is bonded to the outer fabric of clothing or gear. This membrane acts as a barrier to prevent water from penetrating the material while allowing moisture vapour to escape. This breathability is crucial for regulating body temperature and preventing the buildup of sweat and moisture inside the garment. 

A unique feature of Helly Tech® waterproof technology is the reduction of harmful chemicals, such as PFC (polyfluorinated chemicals) commonly used in the production of many outdoor textiles. Across the Helly Tech® range you’ll also find most of our garments are bluesign® certified and incorporate OceanBound recycled materials.  

bluesign® certified materials and products meet stringent criteria for resource efficiency, consumer safety, and environmental protection. This includes requirements for energy and water usage, chemical management, air emissions, and worker safety. 

Is Helly Tech® right for me? 

This answer depends on a few factors, one of the most significant being the intended use of your gear.  Helly Tech® can be broken down into 3 levels, each serving a different purpose and level of protection. 


Helly Tech® Professional

Extremely waterproof and breathable designs and constructions. For highly aerobic, extremely wet or unusually long-lasting activities in extremely harsh conditions. 

Helly Tech® Professional is used by Vali Ski Resort staff and by other professionals worldwide who require all day protection in severe weather conditions.  

Approx. 20k+ waterproof rating. 

View our Helly Tech® Professional range here.


Helly Tech® Performance

Highly waterproof and extra breathable sport specific designs and constructions. For a wide range of high-performance outdoor activities during highly challenging, changing and unpredictable weather conditions. 

Helly Tech® Performance is trusted by consumers across seas and mountains to keep them comfortable on any adventure.  

Approx. 10-15k+ waterproof. 

View our Helly Tech® Performance range here.


Helly Tech® Protection 

Fully waterproof, windproof and breathable fabrics and constructions. For all situations and weather conditions where protection from the elements is needed. 

Helly Tech® Protection is the daily choice for protection from showers and wind by commuters to hikers and everyone in-between.  

Approx. 5-10k+ waterproof. 

View our Helly Tech® Protection range here.

Man walking in beach shrub wearing a black Dubliner rain jacket.
Women standing in front of wave crashing on rock ledge, she's wearing a long blue Aden rain jacket.

Although a fabric technology's waterproof rating is important, it's not the sole factor determining weather protection. Design details like seams, vents, zippers and pockets can make or break a jacket’s performance. 

The key feature of Helly Tech® is its ability to keep you dry and comfortable in wet conditions. Whether you're hiking in the rain, skiing in the snow, or sailing in windy conditions, Helly Tech® gear is designed to withstand prolonged exposure to water and wind while keeping you dry on the inside. 

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